Keep an eye on the supply chain with Strato International

GTINs on pharma products are rapidly becoming a pre-requisite for traceability from

production to delivery to the patient. A locally produced solution is now available to manufacturers which takes into account the South African supply chain and landscape.

Strato International, a division of the Techniques Group, provides leading edge track and trace serialisation and anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions for the pharma, nutraceutical and cosmetics industry.

Its range of machinery for carton coding will enable manufacturers and contract packaging companies to successfully implement serialisation, to comply with various market related requirements specified by global industry authorities.

A state of the art system

Keep an eye on the supply chain
Locally produced solution now available to manufacturers which considers the South African supply chain and landscape

The Strato SPCC Station is a state of the art track and trace serialisation system that uses the integrated technologies of a Wolke m610 touch printer and a Sea Vison OCV solution to produce a SGTIN (Serialised Global Trade Item Number) in accordance with global standards and regulations. The Strato SPCC Station includes track and trace level 1 and level 2 hardware and software that ensures cartons are commissioned according to GS1 international coding standards.

Designed with future proof solutions:

  • meets global and future regulations and standards
  • dual belt technology ensures precision carton control to comply with the A, B and C grades of ANSI/ISO print quality
  • simple, robust design with few moving parts
  • interactive 12 inch colour SPCC HMI for easy set up by pharmacode, SKU or item number
  • print and check verification
  • use of incremental sensors from in-feed to outfeed ensures integrity of each carton
  • minimal maintenance
  • integrated rejection system
  • up to two high speed vision cameras with high speed connectivity
  • remote assistance via Ethernet is offered for support and training.

Easy integration

The SPCC station is equipped with all the relevant features to be a standalone system with an option to be fed manually or inserted and synchronised after the cartoning machine on a line. The design allows easy integration into any carton packing line, due to its 1 000mm space requirement. Added functionality, such as tamper evident labelling can be added with add-on modules.

Complies with GSI standards

The print and check feature of the Strato SPCC applies a controlled machine code (barcode/2D code) and human readable data to the carton, using a managed in-line printer. The data (code and human readable) is then checked and verified by the OCV/OCR vision system for correct information and sustainability to ANSI grading A, B or C.