Khaya International Packaging expands its portfolio

Founded in 2004 to meet the componentry and packaging supply needs of the South African aerosol industry, Khaya International Packaging (KIP) remains strong to this day.

Aerosol cans supplied by Khaya International Packaging
Aerosol cans supplied by Khaya International Packaging

The company has evolved over the past 15 years. KIP now supplies spray/dispensing pumps, glass bottles and caps for perfumery applications as well as packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and home care products.

‘We can source almost any component required by the aerosol industry,’ says Gavin Goodman, MD of KIP. ‘Our onsite, independent laboratory is equipped with R&D and testing apparatus to assist customers with formulation queries, packaging upgrades, stability tests and other product related challenges.’

Supply and innovation

The company operates out of premises located in Spartan, Kempton Park. The 2 700m2 of warehousing space ensures KIP has a substantial stock holding of valves, cans, and spray and lotion dispensing pumps, putting it in the position to react quickly to customers’ needs, often within one day lead time.

Pumps and valves supplied by Khaya International Packaging
Pumps and valves supplied by Khaya International Packaging

KIP recently added a ‘no gas’ aerosol pump to its portfolio which incorporates a one inch/25.4mm aerosol style valve cup. This fine mist spray pump system offers an alternative to the usual pressurised aerosol pack whilst maintaining all the benefits of a metal aerosol can. Existing filling lines can be used to fill the fine mist pump spray, eliminating the need for additional capital investment.

New valves and actuators

Other add-ons to its offering are the increasingly popular aerosol metered valve and L shaped actuator, which delivers small doses of intermittent spray ranging from 20ul to 200ul. These valves are a popular choice for air fresheners and insecticides.

‘These high quality products, manufactured by our international suppliers, are made available to local brands and manufacturers at competitive prices,’ explains Warren Tiley, operations director at KIP. ‘Our suppliers have their own advanced laboratories, which are utilised for additional testing and analysis.’

Meet the KIP team

Quality and safety are of the utmost importance in the aerosol industry, where there are many variables that may go wrong. Goodman says KIP has strict quality control measures in place and takes any customer’s concerns very seriously.

The company also boasts a strong team, which is central to its ongoing success. Goodman and Tiley are supported in their roles as directors by Trish Clark in technical sales, who has vast knowledge of the aerosol industry and Lasen Perumal in internal sales. Peggy van Manen is KIP’s technical guru who runs the independent laboratory.