Lessonia to present scientific discovery exclusively at in-cosmetics in Paris

There is now evidence that a mechanical action of small particles can induce a biological response having great benefits for the skin and its healthy looking. This major discovery opens the way to create a new generation of skin care products based on the stimulation of the skin renewal by mechanobiology.

Lessonia-trialThis discovery was made by Lessonia after four years of works in partnership with an academic French R&D Center. This research program was made to understand the biological skin renewal process which is known to decrease with age due to a lower activity of the epidermal stem cells.

This is the first time that was explained the action of small and well calibrated particles on the HIPPO signaling pathway after a mechanical stimulation. Using fluorescent markers, it was shown that this mechanical action stimulates the transcriptional coactivators YAP and TAZ that migrate from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. In the nucleus they are able to play a key role in controlling the stem cells proliferation.

Easy Way

New possibilities for skincare. During these works it was shown that the regulation of the HIPPO signaling pathway by the mechanical action of small particles induces a real human keratinocytes proliferation increase (+37%).

To take advantage of this discovery, Lessonia launches Easy Way, a well calibrated fine powder used in creams or serum to stimulate the skin renewal process with an easy mechanobiology gesture.

In-Cosmetics global Paris

This scientific discovery and its potential cosmetic applications will be presented by Charles-Henri Morice (head of innovation) during the in-cosmetics:

Lessonia booth: E119

Innovation zone box

Technical Seminar: Tuesday 2th of April at 11:50


Lessonia – a successful story dedicated to natural ingredients

Lessonia was created in 2002 to create natural ingredients that all have in common a very low footprint because of their high sustainability.

Lessonia is known as the leader of natural exfoliants with its range of 400 exfoliators. With these products, cosmetic brands replace 300 tons of synthetic microbeads with natural and organic materials. Lessonia is also known for its activity in marine biotechnology. One of its last active ingredients, Fucoreverse received in 2018 the Gold Green Awards at in-cosmetics Global.