LipoTrue dives into new habitats

The logo of LipoTrueLipoTrue, which is represented in South Africa by Savannah Fine Chemicals, is addressing consumers’ growing demand for naturally sourced active ingredients.

The company is presenting the first three active ingredients from its marine bio-research technology platform at in-cosmetics Global, in London, UK.

Wonders of the deep blue sea

The ocean, which is the lifeblood of the Earth, covers more than three parts of its surface, has an untapped potential with only five percent of having been explored for its potential for active ingredients.

In collaboration with research institutes, LipoTrue has access to unique collections of microorganisms from the ocean’s depths and sea breeze, to marine cnidarians and onshore halophyte plants.

The inspiring new active ingredients include:

  1. Pauseîle offers a retreat for skin.
  2. Sirtalice brings a freezing blast from the deep sea.
  3. Seadermium is a nourishing premium filler.

Seadermium is a marine active ingredient positioned to meet the needs of mature skin, helping to visibly smooth deep wrinkles and providing firmness and elasticity, lost with age.

LipoTrue will be showcasing Seadermium, the nourishing premium filler from Reunion Island at the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics, and will be presenting it at the Innovation Seminar on 6 April at 12:40 in Theatre 1.

Visit LipoTrue at in-cosmetics at stand RR48 to find out more about Seadermium, Pauseîle, and Sirtalice.

Top active ingredient

Another active from LipoTrue, Scelleye, was selected by Cosmetics Design as one of the Top Five Active Ingredients launched in 2016. Scelleye was highlighted for its unique effects, proven in vivo and in vitro, and for its multi-functionality and display of high science.

Scelleye is a key multifunctional detoxifying ingredient covering multiple eye care concerns, including radiation and pollution exposure. It showed to help to regenerate and re-densify the delicate eye skin both in vivo and ex vivo, and to improve wrinkles and soothe dark circles. Moreover, it has been proven to help protect proteins from UV exposure and detoxified and cleared damaged proteins. 

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