A close, comfortable shave

ShZen Ennea EssenceThe term ‘thick skinned’ truly does apply to men. Their epidermis is 20 per cent thicker than the female skin.

This is because male skin has more collagen and elastin protein fibres, to keep their skin firm, thus resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. Male skin is oilier and more capable of retaining moisture, with larger open pores that can cause problems when it becomes congested with sebum.

The bad news for men is that constant desquamation (shedding of skin cells) from daily shaving, outdoor activities and work conditions, results in their skin becoming sensitive, irritated and prone to razor bumps and razor burn.

Shaving is a harsh process, which can cause ingrown hairs due to the blunt cut leaving a sharp edge that grows back into the skin.

Beard that is curly often has this problem, the ingrown hair causes a bump filled with bacteria and fluid that can leave scars if picked at.

Sh’Zen Ennea Essence – a specifically formulated skincare range – is designed to address the needs of male skin, and work in harmony with the male psyche.

The nine essential plant oils in the products were selected for their magnificent aromas that benefit the energetic levels, plus their deep acting skin healing and regenerative properties.

The Ultra Calming Shaving Cream with Soothex from the Boswellii tree ensures an easy glide- on razor action.

Essential oils of coriander and clove treat and prevent ingrown hair, Lemon has antiseptic and styptic properties, cedarwood and sandalwood rejuvenate the skin and clary sage with lavender clear and heal razor burn and bumps.

Add the refreshing energy of peppermint to cool the skin, geranium to rebalance the sebaceous activity, and you have the magic of nature at work in practical, easy to apply skin products.

The Recovery Essence is 100 per cent pure plant power working in synergy, delivering a package of healing and rejuvenating benefits, to the skin and the psyche. The Recovery Essence prepares the skin before shaving and post-shave it soothes and nourishes the skin tissue.


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