Marchesini takes disruptive innovations to America

The RE 202 rotary labeller is a technically advanced and user friendly machineAt Pack Expo Chicago, from 14 to 17 October, Marchesini will exhibit three new standalone machines. The MA 400 continuous motion horizontal cartoner, TURBO-MEK 150 vacuum turbo-emulsifier by Dumek and the RE 202 rotary labeller will be showcased. Dumek is the group’s brand specialising in the manufacturing of cosmetics processing machines.

The MA 400 is a completely updated machine with improved ergonomics, reliability and user friendliness. It inherits the best of the BA 400 cartoner, which has been the global benchmark in efficient reliability and ergonomic design in the pharma and cosmetics industries. The MA 400 guarantees fast changeover times and low maintenance. It is compact in size – without compromising the machine’s high speed output and ease of use. This is owing to a range of control functions guaranteeing maximum efficiency. It comprises a new operator interface, Easy Door, which has several improvements from both a functional and aesthetic point. The new software makes the operating system more powerful and faster. The wider screen is more ergonomic and more sensitive.

The TURBO-MEK 150 vacuum turbo emulsifier is designed to process liquid and cream products for the cosmetics industry. It is suitable for cream/milk products, serums, oils and balms and gels and lotions. Special versions of these machines are able to process other products such as make up, suppositories, hair dyes, toothpastes, mud products and shaving creams.

Neri developed the RE 202 rotary labeller. This is the group’s branch specialising in the production of labelling machines. The labeller is a technically advanced and user friendly machine. It offers extraordinary advantages among which are ergonomics and straightforward machine management. Marchesini is represented by MGSA Projects in South Africa.

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