Multipurpose valve and actuator from Precision Global

The Tornado 35mm twist lock actuator from Precision Global
Precision Global’s Tornado 35mm twist lock actuator

The sun care category is scorching hot – which is good news both for consumers and manufacturers. Thanks to the innovative solutions available from suppliers to the category, there are endless options of products and formats available to meet consumers various needs, from aerosols and sprayable mists to roll on sunscreens.

A Shutterstock image of a model spraying sunscreen on her legs

Precision Global recently launched a new Tornado 35mm twist lock actuator, suitable for use in sun care, cosmetics, hair and personal care applications. The actuator has a short skirt and is cup fitting, making it suitable for use on any size can. A variety of standard spray inserts are available to suit numerous applications and colour combinations can be customised to match brand requirements.

New up/down valve

The company also offers a valve suitable for dispensing in any position. Precision Global’s valve adds value to any application that requires the can to be held upside down or sideways. This is particularly beneficial for sun care applications or insect repellent to overcome the frustration of trying to apply a spray on product on the lower legs, feet or ankles. The PV 360° valve (also known as the up/down valve), sprays reliably regardless of the can’s position. Used upright or upside down, the valve assures correct function and constant spray quality.

The up/down valve can be filled with existing filling equipment – no modifications or adaptations are required on the filling line. It behaves in exactly the same way as a Super 90 valve. The propellant/ product ratio remains constant during use, irrespective of the position of the can. Another benefit of this valve is it pairs well with low propellant level products and especially compressed gas systems, such as CO² and N². The new 35mm twist lock actuator and PV 360° valve are available locally from Precision Valve South Africa.