New charcoal 3 in 1 face product from Oxy

Ideal for problem and oily skin, Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 can be used as a wash, a scrub and a mask.

Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 is brought to you by Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and provider of non-prescription pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics.

A pack shot of the new Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 face productNatural and powerful

‘Activated charcoal is a wonder ingredient,’ says Dr Mathobela, a leading specialist dermatologist and Oxy’s resident skin care expert. ‘It draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of one’s skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion while fighting acne.’

Charcoal helps to unclog pores and detox the skin, leaving skin looking clearer and more purified. It also helps enhance skin tone. The charcoal is not metabolised, adsorbed or absorbed by the body.

Cutting-edge ingredients

Rich in natural moisturisers and other extracts, Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 ensures skin is left soft and smooth, clean and healthy. The product features additional cutting-edge skin care ingredients, such as:

  • biodegradable metabeads for gentle, yet effective exfoliation, leaving skin looking and feeling smoother
  • a combination of almond and olive oil to act as moisturising agents, helping to effectively moisturise the skin
  • included in the formulation at 15 percent, Kaolin reduces excess sebum and skin breakouts by absorbing excess oil and helping to unclog pores
  • salicylic acid acts to remove all excess sebum and eliminate impurities.

Caring for your skin

‘Skin is our largest organ, maintaining overall hydration and serving as our primary defence against the environment. A proper daily skin care routine can help to preserve this important protective layer,’ says Tarrin Brewin, head of marketing, Oxy SA. “The Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 provides consumers with an easy to use, all in one, complete beauty routine allowing for cleansed and healthy skin.’

Oxy has been around for generations; it’s a global brand with tried and tested formulations. The newly launched Oxy Charcoal 3 in 1 is available from all leading outlets nationwide.

‘Skin care is as important to us as it is to our customers. We are continuously looking at new and innovative products to assist in keeping skin clear and healthy and are dedicated to providing effective solutions that not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ expectations,’ Brewin adds.