Ladine innovates with fresh hair care products

Pack shots of the three products in the Ladine Natural Therapy rangeLadine, the South African hair care brand for African hair types by Schwarzkopf Professional, brings an array of innovative products to consumers through professional salon networks. Three of its most recently launched ranges have been into the in 2016 Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Since 1987, Ladine has been trusted by professionals for the treatment of distinctly beautiful, yet markedly complex and fragile Afro hair. Its products, which are formulated using superior technology and the best raw materials on the market, are endorsed by hairdressers and offer optimum results. The brand was originally developed by Maria Laughland and acquired by Henkel in 2013.

Natural Therapy range

Pack shots of the three products in the Ladine Braids & Weaves rangeWhile most consumers are opting to wear natural hair styles, they are also seeking products to help them manage and maintain their hair. In line with this trend, Ladine Natural Therapy range of products soften, condition, detangle and revitalise natural hair, making it easy to manage and providing the benefits of naturally soft and healthy looking hair.

The product assortment in this range includes a Four-In-One Shampoo formulated with Argan oil, a Soft-Soft Spray with Marula oil, and a moisturising Anti-Shrinkage Cream, which also includes Marula Oil.

Braids & Weaves Range

Products in this range have been developed to stimulate hair and scalp; prevent hair loss due to stress; improve hair’s quality, elasticity and strength; and to relieve scalp sensitivity and itching.

The Ladine Braids & Weaves range includes a Hair Juice with Argan oil, the At Root Treatment with Ylang Oil, and the innovative Fresh and Lasting Spray formulated With Baobab Oil.

Shape & Style Foam

A pack shot of Ladine’s Shape & Style FoamThanks to Ladine’s Shape & Style Foam, consumers now have access to one product with multiple benefits for dry perms, wraps, finger dries and blow drying. According to the brand, this is the ultimate product for flexible styling results – regardless of how consumers wear their hair, they can now choose to be their ‘own kind of beautiful’.


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