Boost! launches six serums to transform the skin care landscape

Boost!Boost! Skin Care has entered a range of products into the P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Boost!is a range of skin-boosting serums that will enhance any skin care routine. Boost is scientifically formulated and performance driven and has unique formulations that address the primary concerns expressed by consumers of anti aging products. Boost is a unique range positioned to capture the growing market demand for performance skin care serums at affordable prices.

Why Serums?

Serums are rapidly absorbed performance products that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to deliver noticeable results.

Founder of Boost! Professor E.A Christofides says, ‘In my practice as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I often get asked whether it is better to use a facial cream or a facial serum. The truth is that they perform different functions for your skin, both of which are necessary. If however, I had to choose one over another, it would be a serum. The biggest difference between a serum and cream is not necessarily in the active ingredients but rather in the delivery system of those ingredients.’

Boost2 – Boost! Quench serum

Boost has launched six serums:

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