New Product Competition gives brand owners the chance of a lifetime

Lutendo Magina’s in-cosmetics selfie at the Rai Exhibition Centre in AmsterdamWinning the P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition is so much more than an accolade. It’s the chance of a lifetime of a new cultural and international experience, to expand your horizons and form valuable relationships with key people in the global cosmetics industry.

After winning the 2017 New Product Competition, Lutendo Magina, R&D manager for Henkel South Africa, travelled to Amsterdam for in-cosmetics Global 2018, which took place from 17 to 19 April. He loved the trade show and said it was full of great ideas, new trends and innovations.

‘I managed to meet a supplier, which we are now collaborating with on a top secret innovation project,’ comments Magina. ‘Some of the other suppliers I met were able to give me the best solutions to overcome my formulation challenges. By attending in-cosmetics I’ve also formed good relationships with Merck, Clariant, Solvey and KCC Beauty.’

A city to explore

While Magina spent three busy days at the show attending meetings and educational sessions and interacting with new ingredients in the formulation lab, he still managed to get out and explore Amsterdam in the evenings.

‘The city was cold but that didn’t stop people from roaming the streets and relaxing outside at restaurants for a cold beer,’ he says. ‘I have never seen so many bicycles in my life. Despite this, I opted to use taxis during my stay. The taxi efficiency was on point, but those people drive like Michael Schumacher!’

Magina’s favourite tourist spot was the Heineken Museum. ‘I did a two hour tour and it was worth it,’ he adds.

Positives on the competition

Lutendo Magina’s selfie outside the Heineken Museum in AmsterdamMaking the most of his European adventure, from Amsterdam, Magina headed to Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany for training and internal meetings. The P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition was a topic of conversation during one of these meetings where Magina said colleagues from Henkel Germany expressed how impressed they were with the New Product Competition.

‘We all think it’s a good initiative and the first of its kind in our experience,’ says Magina. ‘For the 2018 competition, Henkel Global will assist Henkel SA to make sure we win again. On behalf of Henkel, I would like to thank New Media Publishing, Symrise and the editor of the P&C Review, Abby Vorster for making the experience great.’

If you have launched a new cosmetics product or range, you can also stand a chance to attend in-cosmetics Global in Paris, France in 2019 by entering the 2018 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition. Entries close on 8 June. For more information, send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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