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RégimA Zone – a truly targeted range of skin care products

RégimA Skin Treatments is a proudly South African brand of cosmeceuticals with a specialised focus on skin health and long-term aesthetics. The company is headed by CEO, Jacqui Faucitt, who is driven by the fundamental need to address serious skin concerns on the basis of delivering solutions that make a life-changing difference.

Plain and extraordinary skin care solutions

The range of products from Ordinary SkincareDeveloped on the basis of providing consumers with ‘honest skin care products’, the Cape Town-based company Ordinary Skincare offers two ranges: Plain Ordinary and Extra Ordinary. Products in the plain range are hypoallergenic and said to be suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The latter range contains something ‘extra’, such as UV filters or a light fragrance.

English Leather Tuxedo hits the high notes

The English Leather brand is said to be a classic in the men’s fragrance market with the current original fragrance dating back to 1952. The brand boasts a loyal following that has grown over the last few decades with the introduction of new fragrance variations aimed at different target markets, the more recent being English Leather Pure Platinum. This variant has become a desirable fragrance especially among the youth. 

A Natural Touch for ethnic hair

Natural Touch_Hair_FoodThe Natural Touch hair care range was conceptualised, designed and developed expressly for the African market and is produced in South Africa – making it a proudly African product.

Essense Pore Minimising Serum from Annique

Pores can look up to 60 per cent smaller after just one application of Essense Pore Minimising Serum. This is because the light-weight formula contains a special ingredient, fomes officinalis, which is a mushroom extract from Russia, and is said to provide instant results.

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