Connie Cosmetics launches in SA

A pack shot of the Bright Velvet variant in the Connie Transform lipstick rangeCalling her brand ‘the African equivalent to Kylie Kardashian’s Kylie Cosmetics’, serial entrepreneur Connie B has launched a variety of lipstick types called Connie Transform. The variety includes liquid matte, instant dry and smudge free lipsticks in the following five flagship shades:

Connie Transform lipsticks are sold online. Each lipstick retails for R160 and can be couriered across the country with courier prices ranging from R50 to R80 per delivery.

The brains behind the brand

Connie B is best known as a fitness guru but when she found herself spending most days and nights in a ponytail and sweat pants she realised she needed to change, to transform.

‘The separation between being a stay-home mom and a six figure earning woman stands in the art that is makeup and lipstick is the final touch. Transform yourself,’ says Connie B. 

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