Nimue enters a new era in skin care

Helena Christensen, brand ambassador of Nimue, photographed in South Africa for the Nimue Age Intelligence launchNimue Skin International has launched its new Nimue-Age Intelligence (a.i) range, which is said to be a first-to-market concept based on the latest technology and research conducted on skin’s ageing process.

Inspired by pioneering Omics research, Nimue a.i addresses the natural causes of ageing and the effects of the environment and an unhealthy lifestyle on the ageing process.

Omics research showed that negative lifestyle habits trigger certain ‘signatures’ in the skin, which speed up certain types of ageing. Based on these results, the R&D team at Nimue’s Science and Technology lab scientifically selected active ingredients to support skin health and overcome the negative effects of a poor diet, stress, exposure to pollution and the sun for example.

The R&D team chose specific ingredients and designed a customised delivery system unique to Nimue, to ensure targeted delivery of the actives. This guarantees maximum efficacy of the product while not compromising on safety.  

An intelligent approach to skin care

Packs shots of the new Age Intelligence range by NimueNimue claims to have adopted the most intelligent approach to creating anti-ageing skin care products. This includes a scientific understanding of the ageing process and what triggers it, as well as utilising a scientific selection of active ingredients used in ideal combinations and at optimal concentrations.

The new a.i range comprises four clinically proven, high performance products: day and night creams and face and eye serums. They are recommended for people concerned with first signs of skin ageing and environmentally damaged skin.

The a.i range will be available in selected spas and salons from March 2017, and is endorsed by world renowned supermodel, photographer and business woman, Helena Christensen.

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