Omron innovates for modern manufacturing

The CK3E and PC Platform NY5-A IPC Omron Corporation recently announced the global release of its new CK3E and PC Platform NY5-A IPC programmable multi-axis controllers (PMAC). The company and its Delta Tau Data Systems (DT) worked together to develop the PMAC controllers with global leading motion control technology.

PMAC achieve sophisticated fine tuning control, which includes high speed synchronous control of various factory automation devices. This is owing to its built-in EtherCAT connectivity, used for production lines and equipment all over the world. Its development environment allows users to programme their own motion algorithms and motion control functions, such as trajectory calculation and position compensation in original programming languages. The current trend is to aim for innovative manufacturing in order to satisfy consumers’ diverse needs and deal with short product life cycles.

Builders of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and machining tools are concentrating resources on the development of innovative and competitive core technology. In these circumstances, machine builders increasingly require globally available controllers with guaranteed quality and stable long-term supply.

Manufacturers that develop manufacturing equipment with robots expect robust and reliable controllers able to execute customised motion control. Omron offers two types of PMAC programmable multi-axis controllers to meet users’ needs.

The company brings innovation to manufacturing sites through automation with integrated, intelligent and interactive concepts. It is working on manufacturing innovation with manufacturers by combining its in-house technologies with leading global DT’s motion control technologies to realise new integrated automation.

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