New heat therapy patches offer long lasting pain relief

Deep-Heat-belt-pouchIn an effort to offer consumers a full pain care solution, Mentholatum has extended their Deep Heat patch offering with three new specialised variants.

‘Deep Heat is a tried and tested pain relief range which consumers have come to trust over the years and we are constantly looking at innovative ways to strengthen this iconic brand’s heat therapy reputation,’ says Lisa Bell, Deep Heat’s brand manager. It was therefore decided to launch a further three Patch variants to complement the existing Odourless Single Patch. As a result, Deep Heat’s Patch range offers consumers a complete solution for different pain relief needs.

‘Deep Heat’s new modern look and pack designs support the newly launched products perfectly too,’ adds Bell.

For consumers with muscular backache, pain and tension, Deep Heat’s new Warming Belt releases deep penetrating heat for pain relief up to 12 hours. It is air activated and begins to heat once opened. The elastic belt’s four large heat cells are in direct contact with the skin and supply an even distribution of heat in the affected area. Light weight, odourless and non-stick, the Warming Belt is secured in the front with a soft Velcro strip for a perfect “one-size fits all”. It is discreet and can be worn comfortably under clothing.

To alleviate period pain and discomfort, Deep Heat’s innovative Period Pain Patch offers long lasting, deep penetrating heat therapy. Women will experience soothing relief from muscular pain and menstrual cramps for up to 12 hours. It is shaped for discreet and optimal comfort so that it can be worn unnoticed under clothing during the day to ensure a good night’s rest. The Period Pain Patch is air activated and begins to heat once opened. Odourless and ultra-thin, it is applied directly to the skin and has a long-lasting adhesive to keep it firmly in place. After use, the patch can be effortlessly removed without discomfort.

The third new variant in the range, Deep Heat’s Neck & Joint Patch will offer relief from neck and joint pain for up to eight hours. This patch is also ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible. The adhesive, which is applied across the patch, keeps it firmly in place to allow freedom of movement. In addition, the ergonomically shaped patch is designed to ensure ultimate comfort and is odourless, compact and discreet. Its two heating cells, which are in direct contact with the skin, are air activated once the patch is opened to release the same deep penetrating heat therapy for hours.

The packaging was designed by PMAC in Cape Town. The new Deep Heat Patches are available as follows:

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