New to market

Home remedy for skin tags and warts

Wart-Freezer--Skin-tagsA new product, Skintags, is specially formulated to treat skin tags, which are small growths found on the neck, under the breasts or in the armpit. The solution removes these non-contagious but unattractive protuberances from the body, arms and legs. It should not be used on the face, where it can cause scarring.

Baby Soft® introduces Enviro-Roll

In an age of increasing environmental awareness, where everyone is reassessing their product choices, Baby Soft® is offering consumers the same softness and quality associated with the well-loved bathroom tissue, while providing a product which has less impact on our environment.

Relief for dry and flaky skin conditions

Tantol MediTantol Medi skin care products are manufactured in South Africa and have been developed to assist with the relief of people who suffer from dry and flaky skin conditions.

Introducing colour corrector for eyes

CoverdermCoverderm has launched its very own CC cream for the face and eyes, containing 12 super-powered active ingredients that even and brighten skin tone, while nourishing, moisturising and soothing the skin.

Pregnancy micronutrient supplement now available in South Africa

PregnacarePregnacare® by Vitabiotics is a popular and trusted pregnancy micronutrient supplement which is now available in South Africa.  Vitabiotics was voted Britain’s No. 1 vitamin supplement company in 2013 and is Britain’s best-selling range of vitamins.  It also received the Queen’s Award for ‘Enterprise in Innovation in Vitamin Research’.

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