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A systematic approach to cleaning

Miele Laundry Care Collection 2Miele’s new Care Collection provides innovative solutions for a wide range of cleaning needs.

Top-end domestic appliances should offer a combination of state-of-the-art technology, attractive design, innovative features, superb energy efficiency, reliability, and excellent cleaning results. However, there is more to achieving perfect cleaning results, and Miele has the answer – perfectly formulated care products and detergents in the form of the Miele Care Collection.

Says Brennan Menday from Miele: “Miele is the first manufacturer to launch a comprehensive range of products under its Care Collection label, offering detergents and cleaning products that are perfectly geared to provide only the best results. In a bid to provide a holistic approach to producing excellent cleaning results, all products in the Care Collection are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet Miele’s strict quality requirements and deliver only the best results possible.”

OmegaLabs launches with four products new to the local market


Face-Creme-BottleOmegaLabs is a new OTC medicines company in South Africa, formed through the conclusion of a joint venture between the Omega Pharma Group located in Belgium and Cavi Brands from South Africa. The JV was formed with the intention of commercialising the exceptional pipeline of Omega Pharma brands which are currently sold in over 30 countries.

Essence pure skin mousse make-up

Essence-pure-skin-mousse-make-upThis is an anti-bacterial make-up that ensures a gorgeous, matt complexion without clogging the pores. The light texture with a clearderm complex is easy to apply and smoothly, reliably covers spots and prevents the appearance of new blemishes. Thanks to the innovative formula with zinc, it also has a soothing effect and accelerates the healing process of skin impurities. The make-up is available in three shades: beige, sand and nude.

Gel eye pencil

Hannon Gel-eye-pencilMost of the cosmetic pencils that are currently on the market, and are easily available, are kohl pencils. Kohl pencils are often hard, and flake as you apply them. Flakes end up in your eyes and can cause serious irritation. The gel cosmetic pencils distributed by Hannon Faces are soft on application and due to the gel-based formula, flake-proof and therefore free of irritation. Lines drawn with a gel pencil will let your natural skin tone shine through and therefore anyone, no matter what skin colour, will be able to use the Hannon gel pencils. Available in black, brown, purple and white.

Katy Perry has done it again

Meow perfume by Katy PerryThe singer’s second fragrance, Meow! will be available to the South African public in September. A companion piece to her first fragrance, Purr, the scent was created while Perry was on the California Dreams world tour, promoting her highly successful second record, Teenage Dream.

With top notes of subtle fruit, Meow!’s real signature comes from a backdrop of creamy vanilla, musk and amber that envelopes the wearer like a cocoon of comfort. The bottle’s gentle, white colouring was purposely chosen to correspond with the pure, calming effect emitted by the fragrance.

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