Contemporary tracing solutions

Micro-sized particles added, helps differentiate between counterfeitsTracepack offers secure:

The company provides solutions of a class of anti-counterfeiting products known as ‘tracers’ or ‘taggants’. Known as Secure tracers, these micro-sized particles are added onto or within a proprietary product as a means of differentiating it from counterfeits or generics.

Gary Chilton, general manager at Tracepack says these tracers are unique because they comprise food/pharmaceutical grade materials and do not require the use of an expensive proprietary reader. Each particle is 100 to 200 microns or smaller in size with micro-engraved lettering that are 10 to 20 microns in size. It can include a company name and other identifying information. Tracers can also be formulated into the coating of a pill. To confirm the pill's authenticity, the tracers are located using a black light and can be read under a microscope. All the materials involved in the production of the tracers are safe and relatively chemically inactive. The particles can be included into or on pills, capsules, packaging and labels.

Tracers are easy to identify, useful for various purposes, reliable, regulatory compliant and can contain a customisable message.

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