SEPPIC launches Xylshine – the new hair repairing and moisturising active ingredient


Xylshine, bio-inspired association of natural sugars mainly from wood and from the brown algae Pelvetia canaliculata, is hair moisturiser that enhances the shine of all hair types.

Sugars, derived from wood hemicellulose, have a high water absorption capacity. They enable to strengthen the structure of cell walls, and contribute to the plant flexibility. Pelvetia contains sugars that are in charge of maintaining the vital hydration of the seaweed to survive during summer dryness. In autumn, Pelvetia can instantly gorge itself with water to reactivate all its biological activities. Inspired by nature, the composition of Xylshine is able to reproduce the properties of living world to restore the shine and the flexibility of hair.

In ex vivo studies, in rinse-off and leave-on applications, Xylshine at three percent repairs the hair fiber and restores the deep moisture of damaged hair: up to + 30 percent hydration in the core of the fiber. The hair regains its shine.

Two in vivo studies were performed: one leave-on lotion on Brazilian hair and one rinse-off shampoo on Caucasian hair.

Xylshine at three percent significantly boosts hair shine and helps define curls of frizzy hair.

Xylshine is worldwide compliant, including in China (IECIC listed). It is easy to incorporate into any type of hair formulation (shampoos with/without cationics, conditioners, spray...).

Audrey Poujade-Fauresse, product manager, declares: ‘By combining the expertise of our marine biotechnologies with that of the plant, SEPPIC has taken up the challenges of hair hydration and proposes you Xylshine, an active ingredient offering a rare moisturising intensity to the core of the fiber, for a visible benefit.’

Seppic is represented throughout southern Africa by CJP Chemicals

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