Contemporary tracing solutions

Micro-sized particles added, helps differentiate between counterfeitsTracepack offers secure:

  • Micro-engraved tracers
  • Holograms
  • Highly secure Pelta 2D codes
  • UV
  • DNA and IR inks
  • Track and trace software platforms.

Prevent counterfeit proliferation

A smartphone-readable QR code and scratch section concealing a unique secure ID codeTamper-evident labels, high-tech security inks, and secure codes are increasingly used to prevent the lucrative counterfeit pharmaceuticals and cosmetics trade. PACKAGING REVIEW delves into developments in robust turnkey real-time monitoring solutions and secure packaging methods.

Technology to achieve greater differentiation

DuPont Surlyn ionomer resins for a one-step frosted effect DuPont Performance Materials (DuPont) recently introduced innovative examples using its Surlyn ionomer resins to achieve a one-step frosted effect for cosmetics caps, bottles and jars. This effect is accomplished straight from the mould. It enables fine details, pleasant tactile quality and consistency without the need for a secondary process.

The biennial ‘Oscars’ of the plastics recycling industry

One of the 2015 overall winnersThe South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) announced its sixth prestigious competition, which aims to acknowledge the variety of locally manufactured products using recycled materials. The organisation is calling for entries to this year’s Recycled Plastic Product of the Year Awards. To encourage greater participation the competition will have the following categories:

ALPLA acquires Boxmore Packaging

Len Engelbrecht, Günther Lehner and Christoph RiedlspergerAustrian plastic packaging provider, ALPLA recently acquired Boxmore Packaging (Boxmore). This is ALPLA’s biggest acquisition yet. Boxmore, a specialist in PET pre-forms, PET bottles and closures, is headquartered in Samrand, Johannesburg. It currently employs around 1 000 staff across nine locations.

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