Optiphi continues to innovate in skin care

Optiphi, the winner of the 2018 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition, is back to defend its title with three entries in the 2019 competition. The South African professional skin care brand has entered two individual products and one range.

Formulated with a multi-faceted approach, the Body Curve Sculpting Repair targets sun damage and ageing on the body. It also targets the appearance of bumpy skin texture, often associated with cellulite.

A pack shot of the Body Curve Sculpting Repair

This novel skin rejuvenating treatment is a comprehensive anti-ageing firming product for the body to tighten and firm the skin. The addition of Retinol in the formulation aids in the improvement of sun damage and visible signs of ageing. It is ideal for sun damaged skin, prematurely aged skin and cellulite affected areas.

Delta Medical Skincare

After years of genetic, chemical and dermatological research, Optiphi launched Delta, a medical skin care system set to redefine how practitioners diagnose and treat skin. The revolutionary Delta protocol extends from solutions for ‘before aesthetic treatments’ to post treatment and maintenance.

This topical skin care system aids the medical practitioner to score and subsequently treat the skin according to visual indicators and genetic markers. The Delta Medical Skincare range was developed as a collaborative project between plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners, chemists, geneticists and biomedical engineers. Prominent German plastic surgeon, Dr Markus Depfenhart lead the development and innovation of the range.

The renew and urban Delta Medical Skincare products

Delta’s sophisticated products are for exclusive use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. This range and skin diagnosis system not only assists the medical

practitioner to devise personalised treatment plans but also empowers patients using Delta to understand their skin and actively monitor improvement through their unique diagnosis code. The patented Delta diagnosis code is used during consultation to characterise skin’s visible conditions and, in combination with the results of a DNA Skin Test, medical practitioners recommend a treatment intervention and a home care routine, unique to the patient’s skin concerns.

Soothing skin saver

Optiphi’s Body Curve Calm Balm has been developed as an effective treatment for redness, irritation and sensitive skin. It is also ideal for skin prone to eczema and psoriasis and is successful in calming sensitivity after professional treatments like waxing and laser.

 A pack shot of the Body Curve Calm Balm

Formulated with proven ingredients, the calm balm promises to assist with the alleviation of skin redness, burning and swelling. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defences to better tolerate stress and soothes irritated and damaged skin.