India, China and Brazil fastest growing market for personal care packaging

Cosmetics cases_pumps_and_sprays_are_forecast_to_grow_ahead_of_the_global_personal_care_packaging_market_average_rateA new report examines packaging trends behind the massive growth forecasted in the global personal care market, which is predicted to grow by 4.9 per cent by 2018.

The market report by Smithers Pira projects that the personal care market will reach a value of US$28.2 billion by 2018. An analysis of the global market for personal care packaging, including cosmetics and toiletries, shows the green movement and male grooming is driving packaging trends.

Brand owners are reacting to a consumer requirement for more environmentally-friendly products and packaging by using more natural ingredients and recycled packaging. Ageing populations and the growing popularity of male grooming are key factors to the current growth.

Rigid plastic is the most used material for packaging personal care products, accounting for over half of the total market value in 2012. This material is also used to produce pumps, sprays and other closing fixtures.

Glass is the second largest material category, followed by flexible packaging and board. These rigid materials are expected to continue to grow at a rate above market average during the forecast period, while metal is expected to experience the lowest growth.

When it comes to pack types, plastic bottles are set to outperform all others, with plastic bottles and jars accounting for the largest share of personal care packaging at 27.8 per cent. Cosmetics cases, pumps and sprays are also forecast to grow ahead of the market average rate. On the other hand, metal containers are expected to lose further market share.

Massive markets

The USA is the largest national market for personal care packaging, with a 14.8 per cent total market share in 2012. Japan is the second largest national market, followed by Brazil and China.

Asia-Pacific is the largest regional market with one-third of global value, followed by Western Europe and North America. India, China and Brazil are the fastest growing countries in this category, and China is set to become the world's largest personal care packaging market during the forecast period.

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