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Sun and skin cancer myths

Sun--skin-cancer-mythsResearch shows that up to 90 per cent of cancers are caused by environmental factors. The war on cancer could be won if humans were no longer exposed to environmental carcinogens such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria, UV light and maintained a healthy body weight through a balanced diet and exercise. It is important to know the different carcinogens and avoid being exposed to them in order to reduce your risk of getting cancer.

These are the facts, according to CANSA, but there are many myths…

World’s first fluoride toothpaste with Novamin to ‘repair and protect’ against dentine hypersensitivity

Sensodyne Repari and Protect with NovaminGlaxoSmithKline last night introduced South Africans to a scientific breakthrough in dental care. New Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin, is a unique formula with its roots in a technology originally developed to help stimulate bone regeneration.

Harnessing this technology, Sensodyne Repair and Protect acts as a reservoir to help build a new reparative layer over exposed dentine and within the tubules. This layer has a similar chemical composition to hydroxyapatite, mimicking the tooth’s natural composition and strongly binding to the collagen in dentine.

Fighting alopecia naturally

Androgenetic alopeciaA dense head of hair is the result
of equilibrium between loss and regrowth. Loss is a natural phenomenon – a healthy person loses between 50 and 125 hairs every day. Accelerated hair loss, which is scientifically deemed alopecia, is perceived as premature ageing and can have considerable effects on the quality of life of individuals affected.

Poor oral hygiene equals poor health

Poor oral hygiene equals poor healthMost people would be shocked to learn that poor oral hygiene can have devastating effects far beyond bad breath and stained teeth. Serious medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and birth problems have all been associated with poor oral health.

It’s a wonder people have such poor oral health when there are simple steps, such as brushing your teeth, to improve oral hygiene. Recent studies by the State of Victoria Department of Health show that dental admissions are the highest cause of acute preventable hospital admissions and oral health is also the second-most expensive disease group in Australia. Even more shockingly, tooth decay is still over five times more prevalent than asthma among children.

A close, comfortable shave

ShZen Ennea EssenceThe term ‘thick skinned’ truly does apply to men. Their epidermis is 20 per cent thicker than the female skin.

This is because male skin has more collagen and elastin protein fibres, to keep their skin firm, thus resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. Male skin is oilier and more capable of retaining moisture, with larger open pores that can cause problems when it becomes congested with sebum.

The bad news for men is that constant desquamation (shedding of skin cells) from daily shaving, outdoor activities and work conditions, results in their skin becoming sensitive, irritated and prone to razor bumps and razor burn.

Shaving is a harsh process, which can cause ingrown hairs due to the blunt cut leaving a sharp edge that grows back into the skin.

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