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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Male-groomingThe use of cosmetics and medical cosmetic procedures by men has been widely ignored in dermatological research in the past, but it is finding increasing attention.

As men are changing their habits and increasingly tend to use cosmetic products, they need to be aware of anatomical and physiological differences between male and female skin, environmental stress factors affecting male skin, and about cosmetic practices and the use of products.

Traditionally men’s grooming products were limited to deodorants and shaving products such as gels, foams and razors. Now companies are introducing a widening range of products in categories like hair care and skin care, and there is a particularly strong focus on men’s bath and shower products.

Glowing growth for men’s grooming market

The anti-ageing product sector has traditionally been aimed at and driven by female consumers, but is now gradually migrating towards the male consumer.

Traditionally, shaving and aftershave products have always been in demand by men, along with deodorants, antiperspirants, soaps and shampoos. But now men have also discovered skin care, with facial care products being the most popular, although it should be noted that there are now additional grooming ranges for men, such as waxing products, which are more prevalent in Europe and the Americas than in Asia, where the men have less body hair.

Ethnic hair care goes natural

JOM Cosmetics_carries_an_EU_Ecolabel_of_environmental_excellenceJohannah Moriti has established the first cosmetic company in South Africa to manufacture natural chemical-free products that don't alter the structure of ethnic hair. Her products are changing the cosmetic industry, for the first time offering women an alternative to harmful chemical-based hair products.

Doing it for the boys

Doing-it-for-the-boysMen use male grooming products because it makes them feel good, gives them greater confidence and will help them get ahead in life – and not as a way of being more attractive to the opposite sex, according to new research by market researcher SPA Future Thinking.

It’s not just the pretty boys using male grooming products any more – the survey of 1 000 UK men, conducted in 2011, also found that the metrosexual man has grown up: 51 per cent of men who regularly use grooming products are married or living with a partner.

New shampoo and conditioner from Hannon

New Hannon_Super_Shine_Shampoo_and_ConditionerHannon has added two new products to its hair care range - Hannon Super Shine Shampoo and Super Shine Conditioner.

The shampoo is an extremely gentle cleansing shampoo for normal to dry hair, which gives extra shine and is gentle enough for daily use and is suitable for colour or chemically treated hair.

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