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Hannon Scalp Therapy Treatment Mask

HANNON-Scalp-therapy-treatmentHannon Scalp Therapy Treatment Mask is an intense treatment to relieve most common scalp disorders such as hair loss and dry itchy scalp. It penetrates into the three layers of the skin to help rebuild damaged cell tissues. Ideal for colour and chemically treated hair, it also helps to heal inflamed skin conditions, and rehydrates the hair and scalp.

Conditioning for perms and relaxersConditioning for perms and relaxers

BioPlex Cetylsil PHSBioPlex Cetylsil PHS from Biosil Technologies yields a reduced irritation profile which is typically experienced with Cetrimonium Chloride. BioPlex Cetylsil PHS is an excellent ingredient to incorporate into sensitive skin and scalp applications. This proprietary ingredient combines a fatty, quaternary compound and a carboxyated silicone.

Designed to be ideal to incorporate into high alkaline hair treatments, BioPlex Cetylsil PHS is water soluble. High alkaline systems such as hair relaxers and permanent waving solutions affect the cuticle of the hair and can cause significant damage. The addition of conditioning agents is critical in developing formulations which will result in hair that is manageable, shiny and healthy in appearance.

Olive oil – not just for cooking

For centuries, olive oil has been a basic ingredient for herbal and cosmetic preparations. Its fatty acids have emollient, restructuring and skin protective properties, making it an important substance for the production of ingredients for personal care.

Olive oil unsaponifiable fraction is very similar to sebum and able to penetrate in the horny layer, helping to restore the fatty fraction of skin hydro-lipidic film, and it is rich in polyphenolic derivatives, whose action prevents oxidation of cells, thanks to the capture of damaging free radicals.

Universal application

ABIL ME 45 - the easy-to-use multiple benefit silicone conditioning agentAs a high molecular weight silicone quat micro emulsion for shampoo and conditioner applications, Abil ME 45, from Evonik Industries (represented in South Africa by Protea Speciality Chemicals), includes a high molecular weight silicone quat, which in its neat form is difficult to formulate with due to its high viscosity and which makes the creation of clear and stable formulations difficult to achieve.

By incorporating this highly efficient silicone quat via a microemulsion into a conditioning formulation, a highly homogeneous and fine distribution in the final formulation is achieved.

Argan oil for ethnic hair care needs

Argan oil for ethnic hair care needsHaving a good hair day – wherever you are in the world – means having an all-round good day. Hair is important to how people feel about themselves; and how they style their hair is a form of individual expression.

Hair care is growing – globally and in South Africa – says Sharon Bolel of Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing (SBCM), a division of CJP Chemicals.

‘Hair care dominates the global multicultural beauty market, representing 56% of sales in 2009. It’s an innovative sector as consumers demand greater functionality in their hair care products,’ says Bolel.

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