Caywon Pharmaceutical Group adopts Crowd Machine to power digital transformation

Crowd-Machine-logoCaywon Pharmaceutical Group, Ltd. has revealed that it will become the first international pharmaceutical company to adopt Crowd Machine as the key enabling technology to power its Pharma 4.0 digital transformation initiative.  The partnership was advised by Sutton Stone Venture Builders, an expert advisory consultancy firm specialising in blockchain business modelling and implementation strategies.

Novartis supports urban wellness

Novartis-logoRapid urbanisation in low- and middle-income countries like South Africa is having a significant impact on health and wellbeing. By 2050, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s population will be living in towns and cities. One effect of rapid urbanisation is the growth of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Healthcare services in growing cities are struggling, and are already swamped with ongoing challenges like infectious diseases, leaving limited time or resources to tackle NCDs like high blood pressure.

Generic medicine use hits an all-time high

Pharma DynamicsBased on the recently released Mediscor Medicines Review, generic use has hit a record high of 60 percent compared to a low 35 percent just over a decade ago.

Advanced new refrigerators boost Unjani Clinics’ efforts to save lives

Unjani-Clinics-CSIUnjani Clinics’ work in saving lives and helping communities in need was recently given a powerful boost in the form of advanced new refrigerators that do not rely on electricity to ensure that medicines and vaccines are properly stored and their efficacy maintained.

New hygienic pharma sieve installed at Sri Krishna

An image of the Russell Finex hygienic pharma sieve installed at Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals, Russell FinexSri Krishna Pharmaceuticals is an established manufacturer of pharmaceutical products such as paracetamol, folic acid, domperidone and furosemide, supplying more than 150 niche drugs to the Asian pharmaceutical market, in South Africa, Europe and the USA. The company is represented locally by Siyeza Fine Chemicals.

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