Afriplex acquires Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals

Tablet manufacturing at Afriplex’s facility in Cape TownAfriplex recently acquired the business of Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals and is in the process of taking over the manufacturing of all solid dosage forms, namely tablets and capsules.

In anticipation of increased business moving into its facility, Afriplex has invested in its production plant and staff. This is to ensure the company has the infrastructure required to deliver a high level of service and good quality products to both their new and existing clients. These expansions will be completed by the end of February 2017.

A strong strategy for growth

Employees from Afriplex inspect various complementary medicines ‘Afriplex’s strategy is to maintain leadership in the complementary medicine market in South Africa. The acquisition of Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals’ business perfectly matches this strategy. It complements our existing business and offers our clients access to a wide range of products and services,’ says Danie Nel, MD of Afriplex.

‘Together with our subsidiaries, Afriplex Botanicals and Afriplex Food & Beverage, Afriplex now has a strong foothold in the pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries in South Africa. This is an excellent platform for the company’s further growth in the country and beyond, and more acquisitions will follow,’ he adds.

An industry leader

James Gibson, owner of Edelweiss Pharmaceuticals, describes Afriplex’s GMP compliant facility as ‘a magnificent plant’ and sees the acquisition as a great solution for the company’s clientele.

Customers of Edelweiss will benefit from the acquisition by having access to Afriplex’s own range of botanical APIs, research and development services, quality assurance procedures as well as assistance with CTD compilation, including in-house stability testing.

Afriplex welcomes all Edelweiss clients, and gives the assurance of its full support during this transition period.

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