NAPM’s Vivian Frittelli elected president of IGPA

CEO of the NAPM, Vivian FrittelliThe CEO of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (NAPM), Vivian Frittelli, is the first South African pharmaceutical industry professional to be named president of the International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance (IGPA).

Korsch announces new partnership in SA with PA Cuthbert & Co

Korsch’s XL 400 MFP tablet press, which is now available in South Africa from PA Cuthbert & CoPA Cuthbert & Co has been appointed the new agent for Korsch for the southern African region. Korsch has focused on its core competency of tablet compression technology since 1918. For almost 100 years, the company has been a global leader in tablet compression technology, producing innovation after innovation.

The colourful world of tablet coatings with Colorcon & PA Cuthbert

Colourful tablet coatings for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement marketsColorcon is a world leader for the design and technical support of advanced coating systems, modified release technologies and functional excipients for solid oral dosage forms.  Its long-term collaboration with PA Cuthbert aims to bring innovative products and technical support to the South African pharmaceutical industry.

PharmOut simplifies the 10 golden rules of GMP

PharmOut’s white paper on The 10 Golden Rules of GMPThe pillars of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) may seem insurmountable, particularly to a new comer to pharmaceutical manufacturing. PharmOut’s white paper entitled PIC/S The 10 Golden Rules of GMP is based on the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperative Scheme standards. It is not only a great training aid for any newbie, but also provides seasoned manufacturing professionals with key refresher content. 

Fighting the fakes in pharmaceuticals

Differentiating between_reputable_and_fake_pharmaceuticalsAccording to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Counterfeiting, in some developing countries, it is reported that counterfeit pharmaceuticals ranged between 10 and 30 per cent during 2014. This is a significant percentage, given that the health of people is at stake.

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