Bidvest takes the Adcock Ingram cake

Brian Joffe of BidvestBidvest advised its shareholders in late January that the company, along with Community Investment Holdings – collectively known as the Bidvest Consortium – now holds 34.5 per cent of Adcock Ingram shares.

Breaking through the barriers

Breaking-through-the-barriers in_generic_medicineCurrent research within the South African health sector shows that a five per cent change of branded medicines to generic equivalents could present the healthcare industry and patients with savings in excess of R400 million per year.

Covert inscription label prevents counterfeiting

Void-pharmaceutical-label intro_imageGermany-based Schreiner MediPharm was recognised by the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) for its Pharma-Comb Void pharmaceutical label. The innovative label increases product safety by preventing the reuse of authentic packaging components by counterfeiters.

New pharmaceutical label zips open and closed

The Fix-a-Form_pharmaceutical_label_from_Pyrotec_Pack_MediaThe traditional zip, used in clothing and baggage, has gone a step further – Fix-a-Form® has incorporated a zipper-type perforated closure into its pharmaceutical leaflet-labels.

The importance of rheology

Viscometers can_measure_flow_on_the_production_floor_and_in_the_quality_control_labIn this white paper, Robert McGregor of Brookfield Engineering Laboratories addresses the question, does rheology matter to manufacturing? The answer, he argues, is a definite yes. 

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