Exciting product design


Developed according to customer specification, Precision Valve South Africa has launched an innovative two-way dome spray technology application.

Alan Rex, MD of Precision Valve South Africa, says the solution was specified by a customer operating in an industrial sector, though the two-way dome is also ideal for home care applications, particularly insect repellent.

The design behind the technology is unique. The two way dome is perfect for spot, surface and crack-and-crevice applications. It includes an extension tube, designed for simple, accurate application in hard-to-reach areas.

At Precision Valve South Africa, the flexible production environment guarantees continuous innovation to assist customers with brand differentiation. The company’s local product development team anticipates and analyses the market while customising a product to meet the requirements of its customers, ultimately fulfilling their needs and increasing the success of an aerosol product.

‘Delivering exciting product design is central to what we do at Precision Valve SA,’ comments Rex. ‘Through our lab testing facilities and the guidance of operational director and technical guru, John Hart, we were able to develop the two-way dome with a valve suited perfectly to the spray rate of the customer’s product and the brand’s positioning in the market.’

The design process of the two-way dome included three phases. First, Precision Valve’s technical team developed the concept for customer approval. A prototype of the initial design was 3D printed to ensure the customer received an accurate representation of the finished product. Thereafter, a few aspects were tweaked, and the two-way dome mould was ready to be manufactured.

Form, function & efficiency

A multinational company with its roots in the USA, Precision Global spans operations in 16 countries including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, Venezuela and the US.

The South African office was launched 45 years ago and continues to go from strength to strength. In order to manufacture in excess of 200 million aerosol valves per annum, Precision Valve South Africa is home to three valve assembly lines, two cup presses, two sleeve gasket assembly machines, two cup gasket placing machines, two stem assembly machines, and 17 injection moulding machines.

‘We’ve been ahead of the times since inception in terms of valve and spray applications through dome designs particularly those used on the Doom and Airoma products. Precision has also made substantial investments in South Africa, and continues to upgrade its facility. Currently, new investments are being made in injection moulds with higher cavitation, to allow lower cost production of certain plastic items,’ adds Rex. With this development, the company will double its production numbers, ensuring increased speed to market and a win-win situation for all.

Precision Valve South Africa is also focused on growing its geographical footprint throughout Africa. The company currently exports aerosol valves to Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and the UAE.

Supply chain

‘We rely heavily on our supply chain partners for timeous deliveries of components and raw materials to make possible the “just-in-time” deliveries expected by our FMCG customers. Quality standards in our industry require that certain components and materials are imported, and therefore our relationships with overseas suppliers and our freight forwarders are also key elements,’ says Rex.

Going forward, Precision Valve South Africa has earmarked a number of goals including remaining competitive in the face of strong competition from China and other Asian countries. ‘Of course the imports referred to are always cost competitive, but Precision South Africa is very proud of its service, and technical support offering, and these elements, combined with competitive pricing, make our package the best on offer,’ he concludes.

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