Meet the eco conscious consumer

An image of an adult’s and a child’s hands holding a green growing plant At least 64 percent of consumers across the world claim they try to have a positive impact on the environment on an everyday basis. This is according to Euromonitor’s white paper, Eco Warriors: Global Green Behaviour and Market Impact.

‘As consumers become more environmentally conscious, organisations need to adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers,’ say analysts from the global market research firm. ‘The fledgling mainstreaming of green awareness impacts governments, corporations and consumer buying behaviour in market sectors such as home care, beauty and personal care, tissue and hygiene, food and drink, apparel, transport and in the home.’

But who exactly are eco warriors? Everyone is to a degree. The white paper states that an eco warrior is not defined by a particular profile or demographic, but is simply an average, ordinary person. However, there are myriad variations within this group and different eco warriors have various priorities and preferences.

Impact on home and personal care segments

Eco home care products is an area where mainstreaming has not been particularly successful. Green household cleaning brands have struggled to succeed, as Euromonitor’s analysts say consumers lack belief in their authenticity. Allergy safe claims appear to resonate more with eco worriers than straightforward green cleaning, which many perceive less effective than mainstream home care brands.

In beauty and personal care, the drive towards environmentally friendly products is largely led by the secondary desire for products that are gentle on the skin. The white paper reveals  this is boosting growth across the board from organic toiletries to products that are loosely viewed as ‘natural’, such as plant-inspired products. ‘This means that green positioned toiletries are in the mainstream and are visible at all price points, from premium brands to private labels,’ the analysts explain.

Visit Euromonitor’s web page to learn more about environmentally conscious consumers and the green attributes eco warriors are willing to pay a premium for. Simply fill in your details to download a free copy of the white paper. 

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