Research & Development

Ingredients research gets a boost

The University of Reading and Rothamsted Research were awarded £235 000 by HGCA to develop a process for the production of ferulic acid from wheat bran.

Biologic drug successful in treating Crohn’s disease

World-renowned biologic drug Humira – used to treat Crohn’s disease – celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2013. The drug is a tumour necrosis factor blocker that works to limit the inflammatory effects of the disease on the gut.

EMA plans to tackle antibiotics resistance

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will provide advice on the impact of the use of antibiotics, following a request made by the European Commission as part of its ‘Action Plan against the rising threats from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)’.

New test to monitor thyroid cancer

A new laboratory test for the diagnosis and lifelong monitoring of medullary thyroid cancer patients after thyroid surgery was recently launched worldwide (excluding the US) by leader in research-focused healthcare, Roche.

Managing biomarker data for more effective medicines

The move towards medicine customised for individual patients holds promise in the development of safer and more effective drugs, but there remain various challenges before this potential is realised fully. In the white paper ‘Management and Analysis of Biomarker Data’, analysis company Exploristics outlines solutions to the management, storage, integration, and analysis of large volumes of biomarker data, provided through a partnership with OmicSoft: Array Studio and Array Server.

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