Seppic launches a natural, ethical alternative to microplastics

Seppic’s new ethically sourced texturising powder, Sepifine BB, offers a velvety soft skin finish and is backed by a great story of benefit sharing and community upliftment in Brazil.

Seppic’s artwork for the launch of Sepifine BB
Gorgeous young lady in a fairy-tale pose

This biodegradable and 100 percent bio-sourced texturising powder is derived from

Brazilian babassu. The ethical sourcing of the babassu is validated by Origens Brasil, an organisation that assures the equitable sharing of economic resources throughout the supply chain among communities from the region.

Registered under the trade name, Sepifine BB, this and other Seppic products are available in South Africa from CJP Chemicals. Sepifine BB is a starch-based ingredient, which provides a high-performance alternative to synthetic texturising powders. The texturising powder is produced using low impact solvents and is GMO and preservative free. It also responds to consumers’ expectations for raw materials that benefit the planet.

Versatile and easy to use

Sepifine BB is water and oil dispersible and functions primarily as a texturising agent for skin care and makeup applications. It is versatile for gel creams, emulsions and powders. Its velvety skin sensation also improves the after-feel of sun care lotions.

The improved oil absorption of Sepifine BB offer the long term sebum control associated with speciality texturising powders. Non oily and ultra light, it can be used across a broad range of beauty care formulations. This new ingredient can be used to formulate biodegradable finished products with high naturality, without losing the performance of traditional ingredients.

A natural choice for sensorial cosmetics

Sepifine BB is a natural choice for formulators looking for next generation of texturising powders. This ingredient is the result of Seppic’s partnership with Atina Ativos Naturais, which has created and marketed a range of natural products following a cradle to cradle approach.

Courtney Clay, a Seppic product manager, states: ‘Sepifine BB meets the growing demand for biodegradable texturising powders without losing the performance of traditional sensory agents. Seppic’s expertise in sensory ingredients and engagement in sustainable chemistry has provided a product that reduces the global footprint and meets the requirements of today’s personal care consumer.’