Anti-ageing skin care retail shapes up in SA

Nikel-anti-ageingAgeing gracefully is what many women strive for, and this trend is mirrored in the beauty industry, with cosmetic houses adapting to the new confident older woman. ‘Women want to look fantastic at any age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to stop the ageing process,’ explains Mirjana Brlečić, founder of natural skincare range Nikel Cosmetics.

The best way to change the way we think about ageing is to change how we talk about it. Indeed, “anti-ageing” has become an antiquated word, with even American beauty magazine Allure suggesting that ageing shouldn’t be seen as a condition like dandruff or a virus.

This trend is reflected in how global skincare houses are using positive wording when talking about ageing. For example, the phrase “age perfect” is used in marketing, and spokespeople include actresses who embrace their age and have not resorted to obvious plastic surgery. This reaffirms that ageing is a positive and natural progression in life, and not an illness that needs to be cured.

Enhance the skin, naturally

Taking care of ageing skin using natural ingredients has also become a huge trend. ‘Women know that what they put on their skin should also be good for their body,’ says Brlečić, who worked extensively in the beauty industry before developing her successful natural skincare range. ‘I found that many women were not happy with the skincare products on the market, as they actually were causing skin conditions that they did not have before using the products, due to the inclusion of synthetic ingredients,’ she explains. She developed her Nikel Cosmetics to work with and enhance the skin, reviving and refreshing it.

Active plant ingredients have fantastic properties that work to help restore the balance of the skin so it can perform at its optimum. Nikel Cosmetics has combined 12 active plant ingredients in its signature 12-Plant Elixir. ‘The combination of highly concentrated natural plant oils and extracts create a highly effective product that helps the regeneration of cells and stimulates the formation of collagen which diminishes as we age,’ says Brlečić.

Savvy consumers are increasingly avoiding products that are not kind to the environment. Parabens, for example have been used for many years to preserve skincare products and prolong their shelf life. They are now known to disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen and have been linked to reproductive issues and breast cancer. Nikel Cosmetics only uses natural preservatives derived from plants, ensuring no harmful side effects.

Sustainable and multifunctional

Consumers are also taking interest in the journey to the end product, and want to know that ingredients used are not causing any negative disruption to the environment. ‘We source all our ingredients through sustainable methods and consider the environment in every step of the production of our products,’ notes Brlečić.

Another trend in age-control skincare is a product that can be used in a multitude of ways and has versatility. ‘Our busy lifestyles call for a simple yet effective skincare regime that can be done within a few steps,’ says Brlečić. Nikel Cosmetics has created products than can be used in conjunction with any other skincare product. ‘After cleansing with your favourite product, for instance, our Evening Primrose Oil can be used to restore your skin’s balance, or it can be added to your moisturiser to give your skin an added moisture boost,’ she says.

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