Skin care

Lipotec confirms efficacy of EYESERYL® peptide against baggy eyes in men

Lipotec-EYESERYL-peptideIt is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, able to reflect not only outer but also inner beauty. The eyes are also one of the first areas where age-related signs and tiredness become noticeable, with the appearance of eyebags and dark circles.

Givaudan Active Beauty to launch BisaboLife

Handsome cream GivaudanDrawing from natural resources to bring beauty to the world, Givaudan Active Beauty presents its latest sustainable molecule called BisaboLifeTM, produced by an exclusive fermentation process.

New anti-pollution defense mechanism from Chemyunion

The marketing campaign for SkinBlitz which shows a woman with beautiful skin shielded from the damaging effects of pollutionToday the world faces the impact of pollution on skin health. More than 80 percent of the global population lives in urban areas with air-monitored pollution exceeding the threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

New skin care technical centre for Givaudan Active Beauty

An image of some of the laboratory equipment and instruments within Givaudan Active Beauty’s new skin care technical centreGivaudan Active Beauty has launched its new Skin Expertise Technical Centre in Pomacle, France to accelerate cosmetics research and development projects. The Care Co. is the South African representative for Givaudan Active Beauty.

New high-tech anti-pollution active from Greentech

Jean-Yves Berthon from Greentech, Claudie Willemin from L’Oréal Paris and the IFSCC, and David Stockenstrom from Natchem  Greentech, a pioneer in plant biotechnology, launched an active ingredient that effectively fights biological aggressors such as pollution and provides skin with long-lasting protection.

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