Croda presents new pollution cleansing data for Cithrol 10GTIS

The marketing campaign for Croda’s Cithrol 10GTIS surfactantCroda, which creates, makes and sells speciality chemicals, has unveiled new data on Cithrol 10GTIS which addresses and meets consumers’ needs for pollution protection. Cithrol 10GTIS now offers high performance removal of particulate matter in addition to its already proven cleansing performance.

Respiratory problems are already associated with particle presence in urban locations and it is now acknowledged that this same particulate matter deposits on the skin. This can lead to a general unclean feeling and a perception of both blocked pores and increased sensitisation. With a dramatic increase in the awareness of and concerns about the effects of pollution, consumers are seeking efficacy from skin care products in the cleansing of particulate matter along with their need for a mild and gentle treatment of sensitive skin.

Proven effective yet mild

Launched in 2015, Cithrol 10GTIS has already been proven to be a highly effective mild surfactant allowing for the formulation of advanced facial oil cleansers ideally suited to sensitive skin. The surfactant also offers luxurious sensory characteristics and ease of rinsing.

To meet the need for pollution protection cleansing, Croda recently carried out extensive in vitro pollution cleansing tests on a Cithrol 10GTIS-based oil cleanser. The product was tested against various market leading benchmark formulations. In each test, the oil cleanser containing Cithrol 10GTIS outperformed all benchmark and control formulations, effectively removing significantly more particulate matter after rinsing.

Cithrol 10GTIS creates high performance facial cleansers that are mild and gentle with highly effective cleansing properties. This new data from Croda also reveals that it is proven to remove pollution particles from skin leaving it clean, renewed and soft to touch.

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