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A screen shot of the Face2Face skin consultation application on the website With over 240 products available at, a new online shop selling high-quality skin care products, consumers can find a product to suit their exact needs without moving from the comfort of their home or office. That is considering their busy lifestyles don’t leave consumers much time to shop for the best skin care products or to consult with experts on their skin care needs. recently added the Dermaceutic, Dermaquest, Exuviance, Neoretin, Obagi, Vichy, Proactive Collagen, Rapid Lash and MD Lash Factor brands to its product range, to give consumers even greater choice.

‘I’ve taken all I’ve learnt from my years of focusing on skin care and used this knowledge to help consumers find the best products to suit their requirements,’ says Dr Alek Nikolic, executive director of Dr Nikolic is also a leading expert in aesthetic medicine and skincare.

A wide range of innovative offerings

The online shop gives consumers access to doctor-prescribed brands from around the world once they have completed an online skin assessment. Exuviance is one such brand. It is renowned for containing the most contemporary alpha hydroxy acids, poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) and bionic PHAs, which all aid the skin in its renewal process by adding firmness and improving texture and tone.

Vichy is the first over-the-counter range available on, and fits a wide range of budgets and skin types. Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, which contains 15 rare minerals, is sourced from the volcanic region of Auvergne in France. It also has the highest concentration of trace elements, which are crucial for optimum skin health.

The Obagi range, developed by world renowned dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi, is said to be the USA’s top physician-dispensed skin care system. It was proudly launched into South Africa by Inova Pharmaceuticals. The Obagi range is specially formulated to help correct and improve the signs of skin ageing and pigmentation, and to control and manage blemish-prone skin, transforming skin at a cellular level to ensure a more youthful and clear complexion.  

Another fantastic new product is Collagen Proactive Liquid. This unique dietary supplement contains a premium hydrolysed collagen. It is enriched with magnesium and vitamin B complex, which both significantly contribute to preserving a healthy, younger-looking skin. This syrup comes in two flavours, lemon and strawberry, and can be added to a morning smoothie to give skin a great boost.

Expert advice and endless solutions

Knowing what one’s skin needs to make it radiant can be a difficult task. ‘We offer a unique Face2Face Skin Consultation which will help consumers take the guesswork out of the equation,’ says Dr Nikolic. All they need to do is upload an image of their face and Dr Nikolic will supply them with a free professional assessment and product recommendations.

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