New clinical testing lab for Lipotec

The logo of LipotecLipotec has established a new clinical testing laboratory within its Barcelona facility located in Spain. The new 116m2 lab will serve as a point of reference for research in the advancement of active ingredients and will focus on in vivo assays, and completes the existing 196m2 in vitro facility.

‘Our goal is to define the best design for studies performed on our ingredients, to gain flexibility in terms of number of formulations and/or concentrations and to speed up the testing process, thereby accelerating the time it takes to launch new products to market,’ Jean Claude Deneuville, general manager for skin care and dermal at Lipotec. ‘For this reason, we have a constantly growing bank of diversified volunteers that cover all our needs.’

Customer service and consumer focus

The new facility will make use of innovative, new software to perform image analysis of skin characteristics including wrinkles, spots, and pigmentation, etc. Measurement of moisturisation, transepidermal water loss or sebum content of the skin, and make-up studies will also form part of the focus of the testing lab.

Lipotec is continuously evolving in line with Lubrizol’s complete advanced skin care approach of accelerating the creativity of its customers and becoming a partner to them. This includes renewing its facilities to improve services and to propose novel formulated solutions to assist clients in offering a beautiful and healthy skin experience to the consumer.

As global centre of expertise for Lubrizol’s skin care division, Lipotec is committed to innovation, quality and excellence. Lipotec’s actives and formulation solutions are available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

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