Ingredients to optimise skin health from Botanica

A raw materials factory located in Nigeria, West AfricaBotanica Natural Products (Botanica) is at the forefront of shifting changes in African skin care. The company is showcasing various natural plant extracts at in-cosmetics Global to meet brand owners needs as they move away from using of harsh chemicals in favour of more natural offerings. 

Two of Botanica’s directors, Michel Colson (based in Paris, France) and Will Coetsee (based in Limpopo, South Africa) recently visited cosmetics producers in in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Lagos, Nigeria to learn more about market conditions and forge new relationships with distributors and clients.

They say the ‘from Africa for Africa’ concept is growing in the cosmetics industry. Although the cosmetics markets in West Africa focus mainly on products that lighten the skin and straighten hair, Colson and Coetsee believe there is a tangible shift away from harsh chemicals towards natural ingredients and raw materials.

A full basket of natural ingredients

Botanica Natural Products is a producer and distributor of cosmetics ingredients and the only commercial producer of Bulbine frutescens in the world. It is based in rural Limpopo and was established in 2009. Its main active ingredient, BotanicaTimola is produced using an extract from the indigenous South African plant, Bulbine frutescens. The plant has a long history of traditional use and is known as an effective skin care remedy, offering healing, soothing and moisturising benefits.

BotanicaTimola is an aqueous extract that has been marketed to producers of cosmetics in South Africa, West Africa and Europe since 2012. The West African market was the first to respond to Botanica’s marketing efforts and most of the company’s sales have occurred in this region. The product is primarily used as a soothing active in post-skin lightening treatments, or in hair care formulations as a post-relaxer treatment.

The company is now expanding its offering to the cosmetics industry with the production of organically certified Moringa oleifera oil at its production facility in Limpopo, South Africa.

Meeting changing market demands

Botanica has sold more than 30t of BotanicaTimola into West Africa. Although this market is highly price sensitive, it actively seeks effective ingredients that provide solutions to market challenges.

To find out more about BotanicaTimola and the other natural ingredients from the company, visit the CBI stands R50 and RR50 at in-cosmetics where Botanica is exhibiting.  

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