New high-tech anti-pollution active from Greentech

Jean-Yves Berthon from Greentech, Claudie Willemin from L’Oréal Paris and the IFSCC, and David Stockenstrom from Natchem  Greentech, a pioneer in plant biotechnology, launched an active ingredient that effectively fights biological aggressors such as pollution and provides skin with long-lasting protection.

The effects of urban pollution are a major concern for consumers. Despite being armed with natural defense mechanisms, the skin is depleted and unable to mobilise pollutants. This results in irritated, suffocated skin, which loses its natural glow.

This new biological ingredient launched at in-cosmetics activates the skin’s endogenous defense mechanisms and its detoxification pathways. It fights free radical and inflammatory stress triggered by repeated pollution attacks in all forms.

Its triple action lies at the heart of its efficacy. This includes the stimulation of cellular anti-free radical and detoxification pathways, while simultaneously strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Awarding local growth

Greentech is represented in South Africa by Natchem. At its recent distributor training day, Natchem was named Greentech’s top performing distributor (among all of its distributors worldwide) and received an award in lieu of this accolade.

While many believe the South African personal care industry is stagnant, Natchem’s consistent growth is a clear indication that there are still countless new opportunities for new product development in the country.

A night to remember

After a busy day of learning and networking at in-cosmetics, Greentech treated its customers and distributors to a splendid evening on the Cutty Sark – the world’s sole surviving tea clipper and fastest ship of her time.

Located in the Greenwich area in London, this 19th century sailing ship has been raised over three metres above the ground. Guests at Greentech’s event dined directly beneath the original hull planks and iron framework, and got to experience incredible food in a spectacular and memorable setting. 

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