Skin care

Achieve a better skin feel with sun screens


SymriseSymrise has launched SymTio S, a novel sunscreen ingredient, at in-cosmetics 2014. According to the company, it significantly reduces the potential for the white film effect on skin if used in sun care products.

Possible new skin ‘lightening’ solution from Textron


Textron standStill a contentious issue in South Africa – particularly in the ethnic market – products claiming lightening or skin whitening benefits are not permitted by the Department of Health and are heavily regulated by the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of South Africa.

Silicone technologies for sun protection and skin brightening

At in-cosmetics 2013, Dow Corning announced the launch of two new skin care programmes for sun protection and skin brightening. Both new programmes have been developed to give customers the high-performance silicone ingredients they require to meet growing consumer demand for improved anti-ageing beauty care products. 

New look and formulation

Family-Sunscreen-Invisi-spray-SPF40Everysun has taken a step forward with a new look and formulations. Improvements include a range of convenient features from a spray pump to easy-to-hold bottle shapes, and lotion cap for ease-of-use.

Hypo-allergenic body products for children

ecokid Potion_Lotion_hypo-allergenic_body_lotioneco.kid hypo-allergenic body products are formulated with ingredients which match the oils and amino acids found naturally in the skin.

The range includes TLC hypoallergenic wash, which is a ‘no tears’ hair and body wash for ultra-sensitive skin, Call me Bubbles hypo-allergenic bubble bath and Potion Lotion hypo-allergenic body lotion.

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