Skin fitness is the new thing at Sorbet

Developed in Barcelona and produced in South Africa, 365-Skin Workout by Sorbet is the salon franchise brand’s newest skin care offering. This premier fitness first skin care range is the brainchild of Petru van Zyl, founder and CEO of 365-Skin Workout, who developed the products in association with Professor Aubrey Parsons.

‘We are proud to call 365-Skin Workout a partner in skin excellence,’ says Sapna Naran, group marketing manager of Sorbet. ‘We have partnered with 365-Skin Workout because we know it is an inspired and galvanising brand that delivers results.’

Suzelle DIY, Petru van Zyl, Professor Aubrey Parsons and Diana van Sittert, a certified Sorbet skin coach

How fit is your skin?

At the media launch of 365-Skin Workout at Embassy Towers in Johannesburg, guests could have their skin analysed on the ‘365 Skin Scanner’ branded Optic|Slim Skin Analysis System.

The system, used in Sorbet salons, captures images of the face from different angles to assess the condition of the skin. It uncovers, for example, damage from UV radiation, wrinkles, hydration levels and pigmentation etc. The results of the scanner are then paired with a tailored 365 Skin Kit to suit the consumer’s skin fitness level.

Effective, targeted natural actives

Products featured in the 365-Skin Workout skin care range

The range is divided into four workout stages: warm up, cardio, strength training and cool down, with products formulated with targeted actives that produce visible results. The products are ‘multi-cosmeceutical’, according to Van Zyl.

Key active ingredients featured in the 365-Skin Workout formulations include Alpine willow herb extract for its ability to prevent oily skin and assist with pore size reduction; Bright 7 complex, which features seven different melanin inhibitors to address pigmentation, and Mallow extract for its sensitive skin soothing benefits.

Enhanced delivery of these actives into the epidermis is made possible by U-complex, a delivery system that increases skin’s permeability. This is owing to its molecular structure, which is similar to the structure of the skin. The 365-Skin Workout range of products is available exclusively in Sorbet salons.