SoyLites gets novel with aroma butter bars

After years of requests from customers, SoyLites has re-launched its innovative and handy moisturising product, the aroma butter bar. This product is a solid, dry lotion bar made with botanical oils. The bar is created to be a novel and versatile hand and body moisturising product.

How to use a SoyLites aroma butter bar

With a unique combination of unrefined coco butter, shea butter and soy wax blended with aromatherapy oils for a fragrant experience, the aroma butter bar not only feels delightful on skin, but also delivers effective and immediate results.

A novel experience

Formulated to respond to the temperature of your skin, the butter bar has a novel application quality that will nourish skin, without any messy or greasy residue.Each 88g bar is packaged in a metal container with a protective lid to lock in freshness. Their compact size makes the bars ideal for carrying in a bag, purse or even a pocket.

A group shot of the range of SoyLites aroma butter bars
The SoyLites butter bar is formulated to respond to skin’s temperature, offering an easy yet novel application method

The bar is also easy to use. As it comes into contact with the hands or body, it responds to the skin’s temperature, melting slowly to leave a film of nourishing oil on the skin. The user can regulate how much oil to apply. Once the desired amount of oil has been transferred onto the hands or body, simply replace the bar into its metal container to maintain its freshness.

Five innovative variants

SoyLites has entered the five different aroma butter bars in the 2019 P&C Review/Symrise New Product Competition.

Calm Life Aroma Butter Bar includes a combination of Jojoba, Pomelo and Cucumber to provide a gentle, relaxing and soothing experience.

Sweet Florals Aroma Butter Bar is formulated with Rosehip, Frangipani, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. This blend offers restorative and uplifting benefits, giving skin a deeply satisfying hug.

Start your day with delicious Good Morning Aroma Butter Bar, which includes a combination of Creamy Vanilla, Sweet Orange ingredients with real coffee beans imbedded in the bar. When the bar is rubbed, the coffee beans omit an aroma. This, together with the vanilla and orange, gives skin a nourishing and reviving start to the day.

Spice Up Your Life Aroma Butter Bar has an energising and stimulating blend of Peppermint oil with Cinnamon and Menthol. The bar can create a tingling sense on skin once applied as a result of the stimulating effect of the ingredients. The real soy beans in the bar give a gentle massage, making this variant perfect for anyone needing a little warmth on their skin.

A more masculine blend, Hemp Re-leaf Aroma Butter Bar will not clog pores and is packed with anti-oxidants and omega fats (which the skin needs). The effective skin protecting qualities of Cannabis Hemp Seed oil are well documented while the addition of the oriental favourite, Neroli oil, makes this bar truly unique.