Teqal introduces new Reflections jars for cosmetics

Teqal Creative Packaging (Teqal) is a new manufacturer of rigid packaging for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

The company was launched in February 2017 when Sean Kirkham (ex-Consupaq), his wife, Renee (also ex-Consupaq) and Dean Mitchel (seasoned tool maker) went into business together. They started small, operating out of premises at the Dube TradePort alongside King Shaka International Airport in KwaZulu-Natal, and have grown substantially in the past two years.

Premium packaging that’s affordable

In February 2019, Teqal launched its new line of cosmetics jars – Reflections. These jars are a perfect packaging solution for masstige and premium beauty products.

A sample of the Reflections jar designed and produced by Teqal

‘Elements within the jar and cap bend and reflect light. The design incorporates a floating inner and heavy base, which, along with the cap inner, feature unique facets. The complementary elements give a premium look and engage the sense of sight. The soft feel of the cap rotation and the cap’s snap action are thoughtful additions we’ve included to engage consumers’ sense of touch,’ say Sean.

With Reflections, the company has used a magic combination of uninhibited creativity and practical functionality to offer beauty and skin care brands the differentiation they need to gain loyal consumers.

A customisable and sustainable offering

The cap and jar designs are customisable based on a customer’s needs with options ranging from a flared or straight sided cap to a tapered or straight sided jar. The foil band can incorporate a wave or classic straight shape with variable colours while the facets on the base of the jar are customisable.

The cosmetics jars are produced using Teqal’s modern, efficient production platform and state of the art toolroom. Its in house R&D capabilities are extensive, including a 3D printer and mini factory, running Siemens NX software to deliver the next generation of design, simulation and manufacturing solutions while streamlining processes.

The Teqal logo

‘Our complete offering is next level,’ Sean explains, ‘by combining the best skills in the industry with modern equipment, mostly sourced from Europe, Teqal can offer more than ever before. We have also brought design and injection mould tooling in house to ensure our customers’ projects remain confidential and are sustainable.’