Twinsaver takes a leap in its sustainability journey

The Twinsaver Group is the latest brand owner to sign up as member of the Polystyrene Association of SA’s Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) responsible for the collection and recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial polystyrene.

Twinsaver Group is one of South Africa’s most well known manufacturers of branded tissue products in South Africa. However, 45 percent of its Cornubia manufacturing capacity is dedicated to polystyrene production and accounts for 12 percent of Twinsaver Group sales. 

Tessa-Marie Grobbelaar Twinsaver
Tessa-Marie Grobbelaar, group product & technical development lead at Twinsaver Group

‘It was important for us to join the Polystyrene Association of SA to demonstrate our Extended Producer Responsibility and as part of our commitment to manufacturing processes that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. We wanted to join an association of likeminded companies that work together to improve the lives of people every day, everywhere and that would enable us to meet our own sustainability goals,’ explains Tessa-Marie Grobbelaar, group product and technical development lead at The Twinsaver Group.

Green choice

Twinsaver has embarked on a dedicated sustainability journey, one that the company continuously strives to improve by setting goals and achieving them. Proof of its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint, can be seen in the fact that 50 percent of all the company’s products are made from 100 percent recycled material (the Green Choice range, for Away From Home, is 100 percent recycled). They provide much-needed income to communities by sourcing recycled fibre through informal collectors, and recycle in excess of 72 000 tons of waste per annum. They use a chlorine-free, sulphate-based bleaching agent that is less harmful to the environment and supply more than 80 percent of the sludge by-product they produce, to local brickmakers.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

‘The Twinsaver Group is very excited about joining the Polystyrene Association of SA and being able to educate and encourage end-users that our polystyrene products are recyclable. Our aim is to help companies and individuals meet their growing concerns for the environment. The most recent step in our sustainability journey being the introduction of our Green Choice range in our Away From Home category providing ethical, eco-friendly and cost-effective product choices that deliver on the quality, comfort and effective performance demanded. By making the smart choice to buy a Twinsaver product, they help us make a big difference!’ Grobbelaar concludes.