Vytrus Biotech presents plant peptides

The leaf of the Centella asiatica plant designed into the face of a clock, showing the plant’s ability to ‘turn back time’Vytrus Biotech (Vytrus) has identified, produced and assembled the first generation of genuine plant peptides. The company specialises in the development, production and commercialisation of high quality, value adding active ingredients using plant stem cell technology. It is represented locally by Savannah Fine Chemicals.

These genuine plant peptides are the result of Vytrus’ technology platform Plant Cell Biofactories and a growth factor control development process. These are called phyto-peptidic fractions (PPF), developed from an optimised culture of totipotent cells, also known as plant stem cells. These PPFs, which are patent pending, represent the first category of cosmetics actives that are able to maintain the skin’s regenerative potential.

Launching at in-cosmetics

Vytrus will present its new ingredient based on this technology, Centella ReversaPPF, at in-cosmetics Global. Thanks to the plant growth factors, the ingredient has the ability to reverse skin’s ageing process by rebuilding the core skin structure and improving facial complexion.

Centella ReversaPPF is the concentrated secretome of totipotent cells from the petioles of Centella asiatica. This secretome is rich in signalling peptides specially designed to reverse skin’s ageing process.

Plant prolongs skin beauty

The Centella plant is known as the longevity plant as it has excellent regenerative and plasticity properties. The plant has a long history of traditional use based on its wound healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties. Through PPF, Vytrus, can extract and concentrate on the molecules that give the plant these properties.

Centella Reversa PPF acts with a rejuvenating strategy, which reverses cell senescence, rebuilds the core skin structure, and offers a global facial complexion improvement. This is called a global re-youth effect, according to Vytrus.

Test results substantiate claims

A full panel of studies support these claims. In vitro tests include a study on its wound healing properties (using a scratch test), where it was observed that Centella ReversaPPF accelerates the healing process 72 percent more than baseline conditions, clearly showing the growth-factor like effect of the ingredient.

A study was also carried out on the reversion of senescence in senescent human dermal fibroblasts (HDF), in which cell proliferation, cell detoxification and DNA protection were measured. The positive control was untreated juvenile cells and the negative control, untreated senescent cells. The results were as follows:

  • β-Gal, Senescence related enzyme – Centella ReversaPPF reduced its levels up to 41 percent at the studied doses
  • PRX-4, Cell Detoxification Enzyme – Centella ReversaPPF increased its levels up to 72 percent at the studied doses, reaching higher levels than juvenile cells
  • PARP-1: DNA protection enzyme – Centella ReversaPPF increased the PRX-4 levels up to 83 percent at the studied doses reaching higher levels than juvenile cells.

In vitro testing was also conducted to determine the efficacy of Centella ReversaPPF as an anti-ageing active. Visit stand D71 to find out more about this and other active ingredients from Vytrus. 

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