Vytrus Biotech innovates with the brain-skin connection

Oscar Exposito, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech photographed during his technical presentation at in-cosmetics Various studies have shown that skin reveals our innermost feelings, and can act as a tell-tale sign of trauma, stress and emotional turmoil. Scientists call this the brain-skin connection, and it’s the focus of Vytrus Biotech’s latest ingredient launched at in-cosmetics Global, in London, UK.

TurmeriaZenPRCF is said to be an emotional hydration manager. The active ingredient is developed from Curcuma longa, a tropical and subtropical plant characterised by its orange ramified rhizome. These modified roots act as storage and resistance organs, and have excellent regenerative properties. The plant is rich in diarylheptanoids (mainly curcumin) lending to it being the most bio-medically researched plant. 

Proven effective and sustainable

During a technical seminar at the exhibition, Oscar Exposito, CSO and co-founder of Vytrus Biotech, led an interesting discussion on the company’s holistic approach to fighting the signs of ageing using ‘emotional cosmetics’. He also shared some data on TurmeriaZenPRCF highlighting the active’s efficacy.

The exclusive combination of cell factors in TurmeriaZenPRCF make the ingredient a highly effective solution to manage hydration on an emotional level. This is coupled with its anti-wrinkle efficacy.

The active is also eco-friendly with Vytrus Biotech employing sustainable sourcing to develop and produce the ingredient. According to Exposito, for each kilogram of TurmeriaZenPRCF produced, the company saves
10 000kg of water when compared to the production process of dry turmeric and 328 000kg of water when compared to pure Curcumin. 

TurmeriaZenPRCF and other Vytrus Biotech products like Centella ReversaPPF are available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals

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