Water wise hygiene solutions

Hand-sanistiserHygiene is everyone’s problem, and not engaging it is certain to lead to significant health issues. But how do we tackle hygiene when water is scarce? Under level 6b restrictions, businesses in Cape Town need to show a saving of 45 percent on their water consumption compared to the same period last year.

Initial is a leading specialist in hygiene services for workplace and washroom areas in manufacturing facilities, shops and offices etc. The company has committed to helping individuals and businesses see out the current water crisis without compromising on essential hygiene.

To save water and stay hygienic, you can use hand sanitisers instead of washing hands using tap water, which can use up to six litres of water in one minute; that’s a litre every 10 seconds. Switch to a waterless hand sanitiser spray instead of soap to ensure that you continue to prevent cross-contamination without the use of water. Initial offers a range of options, including its Signature unit or Betasan sanitiser stand, or individual 500ml foam hand sanitiser bottles.

Deep cleaning using a high pressure hose can use 50 to 75 litres of water in just five minutes. Initial’s Ablution Hygiene Treatment requires minimal water due to the use of bio-enzyme preparations, and antibacterial fogging uses virtually no water to disinfect large bathroom spaces. Antibacterial Fogging will be offered to all Initial’s Ablution hygiene customers free of charge during the Cape water crisis.

Installing Eco Caps in your urinals means they only need to be flushed twice a day, because the Eco Cap contains odour and bacteria neutralising bio-enzymes. Not only is odour eliminated, but you could save up to 3 000 percent on your water usage (based on a building with 20 male users).

For the toilet bowl, you can prolong intervals between flushing by spraying No Flush after urination. This spray contains bio-enzymes that break down uric acid and neutralise odour. The pleasant lemongrass scent and blue dye fragrance and colour the water between flushes. Disposing of urine-soaked toilet paper in a compact disposer bin also helps save water. Initial will then dispose of this paper hygienically and in line with government waste regulations.

For waterless surface cleaning, Initial offers an Eco Clear Spray is a bio-enzyme cleaner that is safe for all surfaces, neutralises odour and kills bacteria.

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