Adhering to high standards

German company Weiss designs climate test cabinets for the stability testing of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry that easily meet international guidelines.  According to International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH), long term tests and accelerated tests must be conducted in climate test cabinets for the stability testing of medicines.

Following these guidelines, the Weiss pharma cabinets are sturdy and robust with an interior made from stainless steel.  There are three sizes available, with either a 600, 1300 or 2000 litre test space.  Weiss also offer a new design photo stability chamber.

Highly precise sensors and a specifically designed control unit allow for a temperature working range of +10ºC to +50ºC and humidity range from 20 per cent to 90 per cent RH. Set point variations, which can be caused by either internal or external influences, like opening the door or emission of water vapour from a test specimen, can be quickly corrected by the control system.

Optional extras such as glass doors, multiple unit networking, alarms, and temperature registration are available. Custom designed Weiss walk in climate chambers can also be constructed specifically for individual requirements, which can also be validated.  

The optional S!MPATI PHARMA software which complies to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 is based on the tried and tested S!MPATI software designed and written by Weiss for all of their environmental chambers.

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